How to use your phone to make a bit of money and maximize your time!

Maximize your time and make money doing what you love. Shopping (and more). 

For the month of December, I made Over $300 and was reimbursed for almost $400 in food and various items! You can do this too!

Service Checks, Audits and Evaluations (aka Mystery shopping)

Amusement Advantage
Periodic assignments that range from amusement parks and museums, to arcades and restaurants! You evaluate a venue and get paid for your time. $50 for one hour evaluations! *Bonus* Get paid for referrals too

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This company has many fast food shops. I live near a few that are on a steady rotation so I go every few days, do a short evaluation, take a few pics and wallah! FREE food!
When you do evaluations in some stores, you get a purchase reimbursement. Why not make a purchase for someone else instead! Its like giving away free gifts! I just got a pair of shoes that I'm still deciding if I wanna give away as a gift or not (shhhh).

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Evaluations in medical facilities. Get paid to go into clinics you may already be using or hospitals to evaluate service or make appointments. (higher pay)

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Evaluations of apartments with property management companies. The only company I have ever found to SUPPLY equipment as needed!

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Mystery shopping apps


This app has the easiest evaluations I’ve ever seen. Most of them involve going into stores and taking a few pictures. Than filling out a short survey. Use my referral code as a thank you! 7G8Z



This company allows you to apply through the app for everything from pizza delivery shops and bank inquiries to HOTEL stays!

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Cash back Apps


Get your head start on investing with this app that collects money from your bank account by rounding up your purchases. You can choose a limit. I'm starting at $10 per month. When you register, its gonna sound a bit serious with all the personal questions they ask, but stick with it. You have to start investing somewhere. Learn here.


Earn cash back through stores and apps that you’re already using Amazon, Petco, Express, Macy’s, and more. You can even link your card in the app and earn cash back when you shop in stores. Imagine using your Macy’s wow pass, rummaging through their clearance and getting even MORE money back when you finish your purchase!

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This app is best for groceries in all the markets you already shop. I use Safeway app when I shop, because they always have something free weekly, but on Ibotta you get more coupons to use. This is probably the only way to get cash back on BOOZE! I’ve seen $3-5 cash back on top brands. Stock up for the party through this app! Also right now get $1 back every time you use Uber. Just click on Uber in the Ibotta app and it takes you to your own Uber app to complete the transaction!

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This cashback app is best for restaurants in your area. Just turn your location on and see where the best cash back is. Then EAT THERE! Pair it with Groupon or LivingSocial and you'll be spending pennies on meals! You can also get cashback for online purchases as well, just like Ibotta and Ebates. You may have to do you research and see which of the 3 have the biggest cash back before making a purchase. Bargain shopping! Also get $25 for booking your first hotel through the app!

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Reward Apps


One of the easiest to use reward apps out there. It does all the work for you! Just connect the cards you use to shop with the most and rack up rewards for cash and/or gift cards. I also love it because it shows you all the newest convenience and shopping programs and gives you A LOT of points for joining like Boxed or Blue Apron. I think I get the most points for my over use of Uber and Lyft!

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Earn rewards toward gift cards just for watching movie trailers or trying out games and other lesser known apps. Just download and earn. (You can always delete the ones you’ll never use later) but also earn cash back on travel site bookings like, Travelocity, Groupon, Living Social and more.

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This app gives you points just for scanning items while you’re in stores and for making purchases of select items in stores. (Just be sure to only get things you need or that you were gonna get anyway). Take an extra 10 minutes in a store you’re gonna shop anyway like Walmart, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond and scan items to earn “kicks.” These “kicks” earn gift cards rather quickly.

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“Work from home” that's NOT a scam?!

Honestly, if you have a desk job with a lot of down time, you can do these from work too. The company “ISecretshop” mentioned above has a few phone call shops that come in weekly. You make a call pretending to want a service like event planning or a new carpet, and fill in a survey after. Easy.

Even the name of it sounds scammy "mystery shop" but hey, it works they have phone call only mystery shops. You can also earn money by referring friends! click here to get the info!

 Become a host on Airbnb

Do you have a spare room in your home? Are you wanting to leave for the summer and thinking about how you'll STILL have to pay the rent?! Why not rent your apartment or home out? Have someone house-sit and rent one or two rooms out to travelers. There's even an option to pay cleaners or house-sitters through the app. Check out hosting options here or download the app to start traveling and staying in unique places worldwide for less this link gets you $40 off your first stay!


Want free samples? Sign up for to get samples of all kinds of products and then fill out a survey about your experience with them. Sadly I couldn't take part in this one since they don’t ship to Hawaii/Alaska. However, I’m so nice, I threw this one for my lucky American friends in the 1st 48.


*Disclaimer* Most, if not all evaluator companies do not pay out until 30 to 45 days after assignments are completed. So, do not use money that you will miss for 45 days! I usually use a credit card that I pay off as soon as I am paid after each assignment. This way I am not waiting around for payments. I know its coming...Later. This is a great way to get points and rewards on your credit cards. 
*Disclaimer2* Yes, the writer of this article gets paid for some of the referrals mentioned. How else would you know about them? This takes time and resources so THANK YOU in advance! I have used the companies and can tell you about my experiences.

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