What's in the bag?

This is comprehensive list compiled from grilling friends of both sexes and personal experiences. This is mainly for longterm (over 2 wks) international travel. Like any other time you travel, you are going to pick things up along the way and run out of space in your choice bag. Of course, you will add and subtract a few of these items depending on destination. The bag I had in mind when compiling this list is the most efficient and most used bag that I used and saw others on lengthy adventures traveling with. Also, I'm almost always going to a warm destination (since I hate cold weather) this is also reflected in the list. I never like to have more than a backpack and a small bag, fanny pack or bag that crossed the body, no bigger than your favorite book. That was it for several of my own lengthy trips. Now, in my 30s, I'm think for now on I'll more than likely use a rolling carryon instead of the infamous hiker's backpack and a small backpack/daypack 


(Unisex List)

1 waterproof rolling bag  carry on sized bag

Waterproof backpack

Pair of jeans

Comfortable pair of pants

3 T shirts

Jacket (water proof)

Underwear (5)

Socks- 3 sport+ 1 long pair

Canvas or easily packable shoes

1 pair thongs/flip flops (although i like to just pick up a cheap pair along the way)

Sweater (jumper) depending on length and weather of destination

Shirt with collar

Shaver 1 w/ attachable blades

Something with a small mirror (start a fire/check boogers)

Watch (durable, practical use. NOT fancy)

A book that you love that you wouldnt mind reading over again or giving away

Large wallet w/chain (fits passport) spare small wallet (day to day)

Inflatable travel pillow/ Sleep mask and earplugs (I like this full set)

Deck of cards


Basic meds (a few bandaids, gauze tape, anti-inflammatory)

Immodium anti-diarrheal

A small item to remind you of home

Small notepad

Quickdry towel

Photocopy of PP


Sink plug

Sunscreen/block- the choices are terrible and expensive. Roll on( wont open and ruin your things)

1 microfiber washcloth- you'll need to make up for the 3 days you didnt shower

2-3 bars of soap- Many places do not provide any

1 Universal charger

Memory cards for camera/phone. (So many on groupon!)

Zip lock bags

A few rubber bands



1 rolling bag waterproof carry on sized bag

1 waterproof backpack

3 pairs of thin socks (one long pair for hiking)

One tank undershirt

3 (max) tees

1-2 sport bras and one reg. bra (i wear sports more often for comfort)

Panties (you choose, but I suggest 100% cotton)

Quick dry shorts/pants- 1 each

Something to sleep in: can be one of those 3 t shirts and a pair of the shorts or a pair of super thin pajama pants that fold up small.

Yoga pants for traveling in

1 comfortable pair of sneakers/hiking shoe/walking shoe. Waterproof

Do not pack heels. Instead pack a pair of fancy flat sandals that dont take up space.

Supplies for one period, Birth control for the entire trip, and a few condoms

Oil blotters- (because when its humid, you'll look scary.)

Sarong- So many uses!! Towel, cover for temples, skirt, dress and more


*Roll your clothes! I used to just roll mine and put them in the pack, but now I roll them and insert into packing cubes! These useful gems allowed me to pack tons of extra crap I don’t need! And…for cold weather trips (God forbid, if you're crazy enough to do such a thing) add in some pocket warmers, wool and tights or something to that affect.


Don’t bring a PC/laptop!

I know, it sounds scary, but I met a lot of people who regret bringing their laptop, and I did too. For some reason it just makes everything heavier. I suggest getting a tablet with keyboard connection like the surface pro.


What about my hair? (for my high-maintenance travelers)

Many places will not provide shampoo/conditioner, but its pretty cheap in stores and an ok selection. The chance of finding a hair dryer is even more slim. You will use this trip as an opportunity to explore your natural hair!

I had one travel sized flat iron that never got used. Just bring a comb, brush, and fill a travel bottle with coconut oil and get creative!


*Leave Comments to help other travelers with packing tips you've picked up while traveling!


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