Honu Brand

I'd like to introduce to you two of my greatest friends Jessica and Ryan. I met Jessica while partying in Waikiki where we both lived back in 2010. We ended up working together and traveling together for years. Not long after our initial party days she met Ryan while  we were out and i was playing "wing girl" and a relationship flourished! We had fun for a few more years and then they moved from Hawaii and traveled the world while meeting up with me in random countries along the way.

Currently, they run a shop called Honu Brand. Honu means "turtle" in Hawaiian. They created (& are still creating) the Honu Brand to help support them on their travels all over the world. They have traveled to over 30 countries and counting, and I have had the pleasure to join them on a bit of that journey! (Pictured below is us in Dubai and New Zealand) They are currently based in Austin TX and are saving up to buy a sailing catamaran (which i'll be waiting on a dock somewhere to jump on and be a stowaway!.

Check their youtube channel here

 Instagram @jessicaandryanadventures


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